Keith Wilkinson – The Sea Wall at Vancuuver Shoal — 2 Comments

  1. Thanks, Keith
    As always, with you, your story is full of imagination and challenges. Amongst the many of the latter, I’m most curious about the “other productive discipline practitioners”. And the “predictable moral weakness resulting from ethics not being taught in the school system” ( I thought you were going to lay this predictability at the door of there not being enough Unitarians).
    Now going to share with a few friends and family…..mainly grandchildren at U’s…..who I look to for enlightenment.

    • Hi Jack,
      Ah, yes,”other productive discipline practitioners” — I left quite a bit of room there! I’m sure there are many besides gardeners and bot designers — e.g., child care workers, cooks, cleaners, plumbers, but also economists, lawyers, moral philosophers, environmental scientists, annatuul developers, chemical engineers…. Would any occupation be left out?
      As for lack of study of ethics in schools, I think a little of that could be very helpful to us. Simply struggling with moral questions like “is it wrong to eat meat?” and hearing the views of others in a group I believe could have a tempering effect on huuman hubris/huubris. As for Unitarian practice, it seems to metro be on the right track to help huumans out – “seekers of the way ” — Xundaohui 寻道会.

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