Please email me your submission, but first, please read what types of submissions Dragonfly accepts. Only submissions following the guidelines below will be considered and receive a reply.

Book Submission for the Database

In order for me to add a book recommendation to this site (as a book post, which auto-adds to the database), the book must:

  • Have ecological themes
  • Be fiction (can be a novel, novella, short story, graphic novel, etc.) or be a nonfiction book that explores eco-fiction
  • Be published already, unless there are media reviews/previews, as pointed out below
  • Have at least 10-20 positive ratings/reviews on popular review sites or have positive reviews in either a mainstream literary blog or news media
  • Not promote conspiracy theories or scientific denialism

Please allow 1-3 weeks for your book to be posted. If you don’t see it, feel free to remind me. The most likely reason your book would not appear, however, is if it doesn’t meet all the guidelines above.

I use a plug-in called BookNet, which takes information about notable books and provides updated information about them within a book post. I use this plug-in with permissions and in accordance with BookNet’s standards. BookNet relies upon publishers having an international EAN, so if the book that a reader suggests does not have an EAN, I will not be able to add the book unless the agent or author provides information.

Book Spotlight and Reviews Submissions

I do a few types of spotlights every month or so. All submissions should follow the bulleted guidelines above, though with some features, such as the world eco-fiction one, I try to find authors who are more notable and have many positive, independent reviews. Note that while I do all this work voluntarily, I do appreciate support as well, mainly a social media follow and share when I promote your work freely, and a digital ARC or copy of your book (or sample) is beneficial for me being able to ask the right questions in interviews. You can find our social media links at the top-right corner of the website (see the icons).

  • World Eco-fiction Series: Climate Change and Beyond: This spotlight travels around the world each month highlighting notable authors’ novels or stories set in various places. Since it’s an around-the-world series, diversity is key, meaning that marginalized authors (people of color, LGBTQ authors, women, and others) will be highly considered. I try to plan these features months in advance, so often am backed up for a while.
  • Indie Corner: This is a new series that spotlights authors of ecologically oriented fiction who have at least 10 positive reviews and have either self-published or published through a small indie press. If you’re interested in participating, please shoot me an email.
  • Turning the Tide: The Youngest Generation: Occasionally (but not often), I interview an author writing fiction in the area of YA/teen or children’s eco-literature. In the past, before this newer section opened, these interviews appeared in the original climate change author spotlights, which eventually merged into the world eco-fiction series. These interviews should also follow the guidelines of regular book submissions.
  • Other Interviews: This section holds all the interviews at the site, no matter what area above they fall into. If they don’t fit into a spotlight above, they will be considered a regular interview on their own. I rarely do interviews that don’t fit into the other categories due to time and the fact this is a voluntary project.

Dragonly Library (Excerpt) Submission

The Dragonfly Library is no longer accepting submissions.

Article Submission

To submit your own review, article, or other piece, please contact me. Guest posts must be well-written and topical. Check here for examples of other articles.