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Welcome to our film, music, and video section; these stories and songs are strongly influenced by the natural world. The video portions below are a work in progress. Please let us know about any videos in the Author Talks, Educational Talks, or Spoken Word that you would like to see.

Films: Our ongoing (from 2014) listing of films.

Games: A new list of eco-games.

Music: Our own playlist, started in February 2015, with over 300 songs. For the entire listing in text form, please visit this page.

Author Talks & More (scroll down); this section contains just a few samples: Nnedi Okorafor’s chat with Matt Bell’s creative writing class at ASU, Cymera’s Science Fiction and Fantasy Festival climate writers, Lovis Geier’s Ecofictology, David Mitchell, N.K. Jemisin, Cherie Dimaline, Jeff VanderMeer & Lorna Crozier, James Bradley

Educational Talks (scroll down): Ben Parsons, Keisha Howard, Festival Ecofiction, Lovis Geier’s Black Authors in Ecofiction

Spoken Word (scroll down): Protectors of the Wood

Music and Sound

Please see our playlist of environmental and nature music, which began in February 2014.

Author Talks & More

Author Nnedi Okorafor talks with Matt Bell’s creative writing class at ASU about her novel Lagoon. She explores the world-building and writing processes that go into her work as well as science fiction, the ocean environment, and the ocean environment and Nigerian culture and myths–and how they play into her writing.

At the recent Cymera Festival in Scotland, I sat in on a climate writers panel.

Lovis Geier, an ecologist and writer of ecofiction, has a new Youtube channel called Ecofictology! Here’s her first video, quite enjoyable.

David Mitchell talks about, and reads from, his novel The Bone Clocks.

PBS: The Fifth Season author N. K. Jemisin answers questions.

The Marrow Thieves is an award-winning dystopian novel in which a group of Indigenous survivors of a global disaster head to Northern Ontario in hopes of safety and a new start. They’re also trying to reclaim their own culture and way of life. Author Cherie Dimaline won a Governor General’s Literary Award and the prestigious Kirkus Prize for the book, and she talks to Nam Kiwanuka about the book and its message.

Star Talks: Eco-fiction with Jeff VanderMeer and Lorna Crozier. A wonderful chat about their work and place writing.

Booktopia: James Bradley talks about Clade.

Educational Talks


Lovis Geier, one of my new favorite eco-fiction voices, introduces some of the top Black authors in this field of literature, their novels and short stories, and some of the movements and hashtags going on right now to lift their voices. To me, this was an emotional talk. Lovis really gets it right.


What does science fiction have to do with global problems facing the earth like climate change have to do with each other? A lot. Ben Parsons explains the powerful connection between science fiction and solutions to major global problems like climate change. Ben is an educator, futurist, and science fiction enthusiast. He has taught a generation of students in countries such as Vietnam and the Philippines, and currently teaches students at Sinarmas World Academy, Indonesia. A digital learning transformation leader who is passionate about educational technology, This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

Ted Talk: Imagining a Solarpunk Future, by Keisha Howard. Recently the idea of Solarpunk has been gaining steam (though still a relatively unknown concept). Solarpunk is similar to cyberpunk with a focus on technology, however, Solarpunk offers a version of the future where communities are powered by renewable energy and most people live in a free and egalitarian world.

Festival Ecofiction (French): Court extrait des courts-métrages présentés lors du Festival Pédagogique Ecofiction.

Spoken Word

The Protectors of the Wood Eco-Fiction Adventure Series is an illustrated story of a group of teenagers who save the world from climate change. . Click here for more episodes.