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We do not take monetary donations but do offer editorial and web content/setup services on our sister site and appreciate it when folks check out our own books!

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To find out more about me, here’s my blog, which covers writing, reading, politics, running/hiking, climate change, dreams, family, friends, and more.

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Memberships and Guest Authorship: Mary Woodbury has been a member of the Association for the Study of Literature and the Environment and is an ongoing member of Climate Fiction Writers League (under pen name Clara Hume),  International League of Nature Writers, Writers’ Federation of Nova Scotia, and Nova Scotia’s Ecology Action Centre. She has also written for Chicago Review of Books, SFFWorld.com, Artists and Climate Change (and AACC’s affiliate The Center for Sustainable Practice in the Arts), Fjords Review, Ecology Action Centre, and ClimateCultures.net. Her article “A History of Eco-fiction” was translated at Chinese Science Writers Association. Her three-part series on ecological weird fiction, originally published at SFFWorld.com, was translated at Zest Letteratura Sostenibile (part I, part 2, part 3). Mary is also a social media outreach volunteer for the Climate Fiction Writer’s League.

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  1. Hi Ken,

    Thanks so much! I’ll write to you personally, but have tried to get in touch with Future Coast in the past and would love to include it at the site somehow.


  2. I am assistant to Brenda Cooper. She is looking for promotional opportunities for her two eco-related books, POST and Wilders. Would you be interested in doing an interview and would you like to receive review copies of these books?


    Danielle McPhail

  3. Dear Ms. Woodbury,

    I wrote on 3/26/2019 re. my eco-play, THE LONG REUNION. It has had one production (reviewed favorably). Is this something that might interest you? Perhaps the crucial Scene V would be publishable. Specifically, TLR is about rising tides and its victims.

    Thanks for any attention.



  4. Hi Mary, I have just re-visited your site now that my book is published, and I’m quite impressed with how much dragonfly.eco has grown in both depth and breadth! It’s been an exploratory feast. I especially appreciate the new additions: Indie Corner and Women Working in Nature and the Arts. The Dalai Lama commented that the world will be saved by the western women. (2009, Vancouver Peace Summit). Your site helps focus the importance of emphasizing feminine energy in working on our environmental crisises. I’ll be writing soon to share my recently indie-published book: “Heart Wood – Four Women, for the Earth, for the Future.”

  5. Hi Mary, I’ve been trying to contact you via the links on this website to submit my eco-novel “Heart Wood” to the Dragonfly database and submit an excerpt, but none of the links work. Is there another way I can reach you? Thank you!

    • Hi Shirley. So sorry that you haven’t been able to reach me. I recently changed the email address due to the editor @ dragonfly dot eco one getting a lot of spam, and now Google thinks everything is spam! I’ll email you 🙂

  6. Hi Mary,

    Trying to reach you via email about my new eco-fiction release with Inanna Publications (“A Diary in the Age of Water”). Can you email me and let me know how I can reach you? Many thanks! Nina

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