Pani Mar Raha Hai, Amna Mufti — 2 Comments

  1. The novel “Paani Mar Raha Hai” is a novel by Amna mufti which is a novel of a different and unique nature. In which the image of society is also seen, supernatural events which are seen in terms of the environment. The novel contains the story of dying rivers and the story of how humans behave with the environment is found in the form of Mian Allah Yar. How man’s growing industrial development is busy destroying our natural environment. All these questions and their answers will be faced in the novel. Deforestation is called the colonial system. How is pollution increasing and how does it affect the environment? Smoke from factories and industries pollute air and water and land, which have become a big threat to all other non-human beings, whereas there is a big danger for human beings. Ozone layer depletion and increasing pollution is being done by man and causing all kinds of diseases. While man has become so blind to the greed of money that he is busy destroying the environment that gives him life. Forests, water, air, land and all the living beings associated with them and other great blessings are made for the benefit of all human beings.
    In the novel water is dying, the author wants to inform us through the role of Mian Allah Yar how we humans are engaged in distorting of nature’s system. And those who disrupt the system of Allah, tease the creation of Allah, has a terrible end. The author tells us that Allah has maintained a balance between the environment and man and has placed them all in their respective parts and spheres.

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