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The Beautiful and Dangerous Ecology in A Song of Ice and Fire

Click here to return to the series This article contains a few spoilers. To follow along, it’s helpful for the reader to be familiar with author George RR Martin’s series and the screen adaption Game of Thrones—this article is based off the novels, particularly Book 1. Update: I first published […]

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Spotlight – Premee Mohamed

Click here to return to the series This month we travel virtually to Alberta, the home of Premee Mohamed and also where her novella The Annual Migration of Clouds (ECW Press, September 2021) takes place. I admit to being drawn to this book because I often search for fiction about […]

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The Novels of Deon Meyer, South Africa

Click here to return to the series Today the global eco-fiction series travels to South Africa to explore the beautiful country and environmental themes found within Deon Meyer’s crime novels (Meyer writes in his native Afrikaans, and his books have been translated around the world), noting, for example, the Lemmer […]

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