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SeaRISE, Sarah Holding

See our interview with Sarah Holding, author of The SeaBEAN Trilogy. SeaRISE is her newest addition, published November 27, the final part of this exciting young people’s trilogy. In the thrilling final part of The SeaBEAN Trilogy, Alice and her five classmates are – for reasons they have yet to […]

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SeaWAR, Sarah Holding

The mysterious black C-Bean is a remarkable device which – as Alice and her classmates discovered in SeaBEAN, the first book of the SeaBEAN Trilogy – knows just about everything and can take them anywhere in the world. But now it’s broken and stranded on the rocks on the remote […]

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SeaBEAN, Sarah Holding

On her 11th birthday in 2018, Alice finds a mysterious black box on the beach. She discovers it’s called a C-Bean and imagines it belongs to her. Together with her five schoolmates – the only children on the newly re-inhabited remote island of St Kilda – they soon realise it […]

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