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Lost Objects’ “Little Red Drops”, Marian Womack

Click here to return to the series Over the summer, I spotlighted author Marian Womack’s new collection of short stories, Lost Objects. These stories explore place and landscape at different stages of decay, positioning them as fighting grounds for death and renewal. From dystopian Andalusia to Scotland or the Norfolk […]

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Jeff VanderMeer Thoughts on Writing

How to write great fiction without being didactic, while under stress, while living a full life? How to write in your head and find where you wanted your writing to go while doing other things than writing? How to relay environmental subjects, even big ones like global warming, in your […]

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Ecological Weird Fiction

Note: Updated for part 3 of the SSF World series. I’d like to share some resources and thoughts on “ecological weird” fiction. After sitting in a couple panels about ecologically oriented fiction at Science Fiction and Fantasy World, I came onboard as a volunteer writer for the site. My first […]

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