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The Swimmers, Marian Womack

A claustrophobic, literary dystopia set in the hot, luscious landscape of Andalusia from the author of The Golden Key. After the ravages of global warming, this is place of deep jungles, strange animals, and new taxonomies. Social inequality has ravaged society, now divided into surface dwellers and people who live […]

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An Invite to Eternity, Gary Budden and Marian Womack, et al.

Humanity is facing a challenge if a magnitude ever before seen, compromising new anxieties we are at times unable to process. An Invite to Eternity is a collection of short story fiction that addresses this shift under the premise that speculative fiction, weird fiction, and dark horror are in a […]

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Lost Objects, Marian Womack

These stories explore place and landscape at different stages of decay, positioning them as fighting grounds for death and renewal. From dystopian Andalusia to Scotland or the Norfolk countryside, they bring together monstrous insects, ghostly lovers, soon-to-be extinct species, unexpected birds, and interstellar explorers, to form a coherent narrative about […]

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