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Ghost Species, James Bradley

We originally published this news on October 25, 2019: James Bradley tweeted the cover reveal of his May 2020 novel, Ghost Species. See below. Update: The book is now listed at Goodreads. Goodreads Reviews Back to GoodReads Delighted to reveal the cover of my new novel, Ghost Species. Out May […]

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The Change Trilogy, James Bradley

As I wrote The Silent Invasion, other pieces began to fall into place: the arrival of something alien on Earth; widespread panic and the battle for control; the idea of replication and the uncanny. And perhaps most importantly, the idea of a natural world that was no longer passive, but […]

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Clade, James Bradley

From the Sydney Morning Herald: A global deadly virus, the collapse of bee colonies, extreme weather events causing social unrest, eco-refugees, infertility, autism and new advances in technology – these are just some of the themes of James Bradley’s new novel, Clade. Its ambitious span stretches from some time in […]

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