The Dragonfly Library welcomes submissions of all green reads–nonfiction, fiction, poetry & prose, graphic novel, and short story excerpts. You may also submit nature writing in the forms of articles and essays. Submissions must have a few notability requirements, including:

  • All samples should be well-written, grammatically sound, and interesting.
  • Book (excerpt) submissions must have good reviews and ratings in Amazon or Goodreads, favorable reviews in the press, or be written by an already a notable author; the book does not have to be published yet if it meets these qualifications.
  • Short story and essay excerpts from anthologies, personal writing, blog posts, etc., are also accepted.
  • All submissions must have a strong environmental/nature focus.

Please send us the following details:

  • Cover image of the book cover; licensed-for-use concept art for non-books is also allowed
  • Permission to publish an excerpt (from the author if self-published or from the publisher that holds printing rights)
  • Time allowed to have on site (can be indefinite)
  • Link for ordering the book
  • Book title and author’s name or pen name
  • Publication date
  • Extract in Word format (no longer than 10 manuscript pages for full-length works, 3 poems for poetry books, and 2 manuscript pages for short stories)
  • Author links (social media, blog, book page, press, etc.)

This service is a voluntary effort to raise awareness of nature and environmental themes in literature; it costs nothing to authors and is not supported by ad revenue. We do appreciate links back to the site, which helps raise awareness of this service.