Our book database was built by our “IT guy”, or, my better half, Morgan. The nice table you see here represents the finality of his building the database table and my own work in creating fields that go into each book post. Because of this tedious work, we ask that you respect and honor our copyright. Please do not copy or distribute this list. If you wish to excerpt it, please email me first.

The themes/genres on this page are not meant to define or pigeon-hole books but to reflect descriptions found at Goodreads, Amazon, and in other media. This database provides a sampling only of the most notable eco-fiction novels we have found, with a few non-fiction titles that cover the field of environmental fiction. If something is missing, please contact me. The site is always a work in progress and does not claim to be an exhaustive one.

Some issues:

  • We have fixed the bug where if a book was published prior to 1970 it was not correctly showing up in our database even when dates were entered correctly.
  • The database is a table with automated fields and does not display well on mobile phones.
  • It takes a little while for the database to load. While it’s loading you may see some green background behind the text.

Here are some helpful guidelines for using this table:

  1. The alphabetical list includes articles (A, An, The) at the front of each title.
  2. You can list entries 25 at a time or search by selecting the “Show Entries” pull-down menu. You can also list all books by selecting “All”. If you do a new search, the default will go back to showing the first 25 entries.
  3. To sort by a column, click its heading. Currently this database is set up to sort only one column at a time.
  4. There might be more than one theme for each book. To pinpoint your search for genres, click an interesting genre and all books within that genre will appear. You can also use the Search field in the database table. Note that we are still mapping all the books. It takes time to retro-fit the newer themes.
  5. Publication dates: We try to post the earliest publication date for each title, but for translations, we’ve generally posted the translation publication date. When the month and day are not known for older works, we add the year and the month of January. In rare cases, where we’ve added a number of titles from an author spotlight, no month is listed.
  6. While some books in series are posted on their own page, our newest convention is to post series on the same page if more than one book in the series is published. You can search or sort by series names instead (i.e. Dune Chronicles, Hainish Cycle). In rare cases, where a prolific author has multiple relevant titles, you might find a “Novels” rather than “Novel” characterization as “type” and the books will be introduced in a spotlight rather than a Goodreads plug-in.
  7. You can also use the site’s search bar–this will pick up authors, titles, and so on. Or click the new Bookshelf widget on the top-right of the front page for browsing by genre.

For questions or correction, please contact us.