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  • The main site includes features, news & events, resources listing, and a submit area. Also is a read & write section, which explains how to participate in writer’s workshop (unpublished works) and library (samples of published works) to this site.
  • Both the Writer’s Workshop and Dragonfly Library are subdomains on this site. If you get lost, just click the Back to the Main Site links at the subsites. These sites have different organizations.
    • The Writer’s Workshop allows writers to share tips and writing experiences as well as drafts in order to get feedback. Note that the workshop is experimental for now. Please share with your friends and colleagues!
    • The Dragonfly Library is for published writers to promote their work via book and essay samples as well as social media and ordering links.
    • All promotion here is completely free.
  • Please see the menu items as well as posts on the front page for other useful info and links.
  • Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!

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