Climate Change

Dragonfly focuses on nature and the environment, overall, in literature. Within this scope of literature is the subject of climate change. Storytelling breaks the concept of global warming out of packaged ideas and scientific facts and into readers’ hearts by relating the human condition into a crisis that is unique for our time period. Impact of the story is greater than the intent of the author, so good storytellers intrigue readers and do not preach to them.

For an example of the diversity of genre and approach within climate change storytelling, see Climate Change Authors – Spotlight, Eco-fiction.com’s monthly column showcasing authors. From the site:

The purpose of the author spotlight series is to highlight major authors who write fiction that deals with global warming. Many scholars argue that climate change is now everything change. That writing about it is often not a separate subject or genre because it is so interconnected to all life on the planet. Author Margaret Atwood noted that climate change is “everything change” too. This site recognizes this concept in totality, that we are now living in the Anthropocene where climate change is entirely ubiquitous in every aspect of life for everyone on Earth. For the purposes of literary study, and because many authors have blazed the trail in bringing climate change into literature, this series exists. These spotlights explore the diversity of storytelling that involves climate change. Yet, I believe that in the future, global warming will be a part of every story; in that sense, this site is an evolutionary and transitory one from this era to whatever lies beyond.

Dragonfly.eco expands on fictional storytelling by including more poetry and nonfiction works, and inviting authors and publishers to participate and network–giving readers an idea of the diversity of storytelling that advocates for nature and the environment–generally without being didactic but creative.